Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Soul Sector x BLANK?

The guy lighting his cigarette... thats our boy George. He lives across the street from Invisible Stripes.

He recently got scouted by Soul Sector.


Also: Cricket, Shachon-Conway, Crix, Sia, Tony Styles, JSmooth, Lee Lee, MaydenChina, Chang

Soulsector is a family based, all-styles, all-star collaborative whose focus is in house, popping, bboying, rocking, hip hop, and locking. Originating in San Francisco and New York, their talents were developed through the club scene and battle circuit.

Soulsector consists of seven core members: Bionic, one of the biggest popping icons of our generation; Pharside, who is currently popping’s fiercest competitors; Naytron, one of the top innovative and recognized young bboys in the US; Jardy and MikeyDisko, who are hiphop and house protoges of Cricket, a legendary New York house dance monster.

Collectively, Soulsector’s skills have enabled them to perform, battle, judge competitions, and teach across the US, Denmark, France, England, Canada, Holland, Germany and Japan in 2004-07 alone. The members have appeared on dance shows such as “Soul Train” and various music videos. Soulsector’s motivation is to study the history and foundation of each hip hop dance form and implement it in the evolution of their individual style, learning directly from the dancers who have founded and revolutionized these genres of urban dance.

Soul Sector recently got casted to do BLANK... which will begin to shoot in early June. I'll repost once I find out more details but as of now... Soul Sector will be one of the only groups reppin' Nor Cal.

Here's one of the many clips you could find. enjoy.

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