Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sincerely Hogwash

We recently picked up a new local brand called Sincerely Hogwash. These guys are currently operating and based out of San Francisco/Hawaii. Their designs are more streamlined and are geared to a more mature streetwear collective. Check out their site for their look book and updates.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hellz Bellz

Ladies, you asked and you shall receive.

Our first shipment of Hellz Bellz: Knitted Jacket, Belle Of The Brawl, Sweet Revenge & Fuck Off.

::Subscript:: Seersucker

We just got this new hoodie from Subscript. It features an all over pin striped design, drawstring adjustable hood, two hand pocket detail, nylon mesh interior lining and the exterior is cotton that is lightly textured. Check out the Seersucker Hoodie for more details.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Homeroom Spring '08

We just got our first of two shipments for Spring '08.

In this shipment we got 2 shirts that have photochromatic ink, better known as "solar ink". While indoors they appear one color and the texture of the ink is gel like, once UV light hits the ink it rapidly changes color. Check out the pics of Bape Hater & Hipster Bitches to see the color changes. The Suge Night tee glows in the dark, we tried to get a decent pic of it in the dark, but couldn't so your gonna have to buy it to see for yourself. The new woman's tee Menace To Society has a graphic of a kid holding a gun, which is a bit of the norm these days. The 2 caps we got in are Serger and Square Stitch.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Manik Spring '08

New shipment today from Manik, a skateboard company based out of Seattle. Check out the "Slick Rick" & "Ghost Bullet Train" decks. The spring tees we received are Skate Jock, "Team" & "Script".

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dissizit Spring '08

We just got our first shipment from Dissizit. This brand is based out of LA and is generally geared towards the Hip Hop/graffiti style of street wear. They usually do collabos with La Coka Nostra, and are never afraid to make a bold statement with their graphics. We picked up some of their more mild tees like "Red Dot" and "Tour De France". Their skate decks "Kicks Chicks" and "Kate Loves LCN" reflect the typical flavor of Dissizit. Check out their new shipments here.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Good" Friday

I know it was Good Friday and all, but who could resist. I ended up going to Poleng Lounge in San Francisco, 1751 Fulton Street, where DJ Mel was mixing hiphop, dancehall and soul. I was kinda iffy bout going there but to my surprise it was poppin'.
The crowd was a good mix, good music, cheap drinks and on top of that no dress code!!! See for your self.

This is Tearan pronounced like "tearing" it up. I was impressed she had rhythm.
Distortion2static throws an event there every 2nd saturday of the month called "DOO WUTCHYA LIKE", check out Poleng's monthly events here for dates.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Horitaka x Homeland Security Agent

Our homie that works for homeland security who prefers to be anonymous, stopped by to show us the progress of his piece thats been getting worked on by world renowned Horitaka. He had just got the shading done right before he came by.

It was still bandaged and bleeding when he stopped by but I convinced him to unwrap it for a quick picture.
Horitaka, the only American apprentice, of the preeminent Japanese tattoo master Horioshi III. His recent work with Nike:

(Nike SB x Horitaka Pack- The Four Guardians)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I would post a picture of our sample for an upcoming release but its still a very premature draft.

Nice lady. The sewer there offered us some of her Egg Custard Tarts (Don Tot). She just came back from grabbing in China Town so they were still warm. If you haven't tried one... go do it.

Took one for the road/// Here Tom is wearing: American Apparel peppered gray Hoody , Hanes Boxer Briefs, Flea Market Gucci belt, Nudies Slim Jims (denim), Ubiq Els in white (shoes).... He is holding in his hands the prototype we came for. The "Messenger Crew", projected to releace in two months.

::Insight:: Care Package

We just got a promotional package from Insight with secrets to their 2008 "Good Morning Pluto" campaign, an introduction to their new season. The contents of the package include brand dvd, campaign dvd, look book and some stickers.

SWNDL Spring '08

We just got a new shipment from SWNDL, an evolving female streetwear label in this male dominated culture. Based out of Brooklyn their name is an abbreviation on the word swindle which is a direct reflection on their outlook; a collective of young talent out to get theirs.

Check em out here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mama Spring '08

We got 2 new shirts in from Mama clothing, a local brand based out in oakland. The "Anchor" tee has a stamped gold foil graphic on the front. The "What I am" tee has an image of Deborah Ann Harry, best known for being the lead singer of the late 70s punk band Blondie. In this image she's wearing a popeye shirt set within a message saying "I am what I am".

Joke's on Jad!!!

We had a surprise visitor drop by today...see for yourself

Rather than killing the bumble bee we embraced its Chris suited up to catch the damn thing...i think Chris took it overboard with the gear but the bee was hella big

It didn't like it too much

Look at the size of the's like as big as Chris's nose

So Jad is out grabbing food and all we could think about was how can we show him...hmmmm just watch the clip

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


a unit of ground forces.

Current line up:

Love Hip Hop?

Then your gonna dig this...

We just picked up 2 new shirts from IC3. Leeroy, partner of IC3, was kind enough to hand deliver these shirts himself. In the Biggie's Dream tee it features the lyrics from "Juciy" as it creates the image of Biggie Smalls. The J. Dilla The One tee feauters his complete discograhy.

word son!

Twelve Bar Spring '08

Got the new spring shipment from Twelve Bar.

Check it out here.

Sup Fuckers

Our boy Matt from Official just hit us up and told us about some new hats that are gonna be dropping next month. Interested in making a bold statement, look no further. These fitted hats are constructed of rip-stop nylon and come in two very bright color ways that capture one's attention, and you thought it was the embroidered message.

Estimated drop date: April 28, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Go Green for St. P's

For lunch: BBQ Chicken Skewer Salad Cost: $6.75 Weight: 2.3lbs = one fat ass meal. Invisible Stripes staff on a health hype?... naw. Was just feenin for something we haven't had in a while.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sorry, Im a Cop.


Quote pulled from RAH! clothings website:

"RAH! brings to you a fresh clothing line using high quality materials made right here in the United States. Designed by monsters, you’ll observe the growth of trend leaders with fashionable colorways and designs all made in limited quantities to protect exclusivity.

From East to West, Sneakerhead to Rockstar, RAH! brings the element of surprise by bridging fashion barriers through a fire and passion for style and creativity. Celebrate your uniqueness by keeping it RAH!"

"Inspired by a Japanese visionary." No... more like ripped from a Japanese visionary. Wheres the creativity in dumping your logo over someones work... or Takashi Murakami's balls. Haha, I mean, Flower Ball.

RAH! Blossoms womens tee

original work by Takashi Murakami

Nothing Raw about it is what I think. Heres another example.

Their "Flannel Lumberjack"
"Authentic Design" A cut n sew piece "made" by a new "brand" out the gate and they're retailing it for $45?

These pieces were already assembled when Rah purchased these flannels. They just had their tags sewn on. They're selling and claiming them as there own original pieces. A local store that carries the brand and as well close friends with the Rah squares spilled the beans. Whack, whack, whack. haha. come by the shop to check me and you'll get whacked. LMAO... Rah? They should have called the brand E.O.P.S. for End Of a Popsicle Stick, cause they're a joke.

Warriors Win

Christian (Invisible Stripes Butcher), driving us to the Warriors game.

Hella five-0 parked in front of a pizzeria.

Cloud I saw as we hopped on the bridge. Looks like an explosion. :)

Soft core tail gaters.

I feel bad for this guy. He sits above the stadium during the whole game to shine the lights. I'm sure he gets bathroom breaks during half-time but i still wonder why he has a little white bucket up there with him.
Sorry I didn't get better shots.
Warm up.