Thursday, March 27, 2008

Homeroom Spring '08

We just got our first of two shipments for Spring '08.

In this shipment we got 2 shirts that have photochromatic ink, better known as "solar ink". While indoors they appear one color and the texture of the ink is gel like, once UV light hits the ink it rapidly changes color. Check out the pics of Bape Hater & Hipster Bitches to see the color changes. The Suge Night tee glows in the dark, we tried to get a decent pic of it in the dark, but couldn't so your gonna have to buy it to see for yourself. The new woman's tee Menace To Society has a graphic of a kid holding a gun, which is a bit of the norm these days. The 2 caps we got in are Serger and Square Stitch.


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