Sunday, March 16, 2008


Quote pulled from RAH! clothings website:

"RAH! brings to you a fresh clothing line using high quality materials made right here in the United States. Designed by monsters, you’ll observe the growth of trend leaders with fashionable colorways and designs all made in limited quantities to protect exclusivity.

From East to West, Sneakerhead to Rockstar, RAH! brings the element of surprise by bridging fashion barriers through a fire and passion for style and creativity. Celebrate your uniqueness by keeping it RAH!"

"Inspired by a Japanese visionary." No... more like ripped from a Japanese visionary. Wheres the creativity in dumping your logo over someones work... or Takashi Murakami's balls. Haha, I mean, Flower Ball.

RAH! Blossoms womens tee

original work by Takashi Murakami

Nothing Raw about it is what I think. Heres another example.

Their "Flannel Lumberjack"
"Authentic Design" A cut n sew piece "made" by a new "brand" out the gate and they're retailing it for $45?

These pieces were already assembled when Rah purchased these flannels. They just had their tags sewn on. They're selling and claiming them as there own original pieces. A local store that carries the brand and as well close friends with the Rah squares spilled the beans. Whack, whack, whack. haha. come by the shop to check me and you'll get whacked. LMAO... Rah? They should have called the brand E.O.P.S. for End Of a Popsicle Stick, cause they're a joke.


Self Edge said...

Now THAT'S a fucking blog post. I like it.

RaDio said...

I hate that they used my name as there shit. FUCKING lames bought COSTCO flannels and sewed there labels on there. When you see these kids tell'em RAH of THUGBOSS wants to chat with them.