Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Seersucker M65 by Subscript

Just a arrived today. Lightweight Green Seersucker M65 with a mesh lining and zip away windbreaker hood.

Check it out here Seersucker M65.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Ek5kobition and Dame Deco

We got our shipment of Ek5obition in today for men and women. Check it out here Ek5kobition mens and Dame Deco for womens.

SF New Eras

Just got a shipment in of the SF Giants New Eras in New York Yankees, Oakland A's, and Pittsburgh Pirates color ways.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Supreme Being Spring '08

The Spring shipment for Supreme Being just came in.

Supreme Being was established in Cambridge, England in 1999. They started off as a label that just printed tees and have evolved into a full line, making everything from accessories to trainers to jackets and tess which they are best known for. Check out there new shipment here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bad Company

Today we received our first shipment from Bad Company.

Check them out here.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


One of our customers came in over the weekend and told us about his boy who had a CD that had just came out. We're always down to support local artist, we listened to it and agreed to carry it in our store. The artist is DJ Quest and the name of the album is called Questolous.

Check out his myspace for a sample of his music.
His album is available for purchase here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Subscript: Shirts

just in today...

Crackle Jersey Tank Tops

Fuck calling 411

So how am I going to get charged $1.75 for calling 411. I found out that if you text "the spot you are looking for and the city it is in" to 46645 then you will get a text back hella quick with the address and phone number. In case you are wondering what 46645 is, it is short for GOOGL, a service provided by Google. 46645 can also be used for getting a listing for a nearby restaurant, find the definition of a word, look up the price of a product or get an area code or zip code. You can even use it to calculate a tip or finding out if it is going to be sunny by texting "weather and the city". So you won't get charged $1.75 but it will be treated as a standard text message, trust.

Here is what it looks like...

Friday, April 18, 2008

A visit from Hellz

Today we got a visit from Casandra, she reps for Hellz Bellz.

See that bag of clothing on the floor, that's Hellz Bellz new Fall season. For those girls out there starving for some unique pieces to complete their wardrobe, look no further. This will get their bellies stuffed, stay posted to our blog and we'll let you know when it comes in.

Shadow Conspiracy: Envy

We got a new jacket from Shadow Conspiracy.

Check out the Envy jacket here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


BMX street jam last week.
Meet up spot was at West Oakland Bart Staion.

150+ riders came out... no joke.

Make sure to peep these links for some good footage of the jam. SCRAPE VIDEO by Nick S. and SCRAPE VIDEO by BEERMAN.

Kweli from FIRST RULE BMX. The man that pulled this thing together.

Albert and Gabe. Thanks to these cool guys we were able to borrow the parking lot for the event where the BBQ was thrown.
Demarco, featured in MASHSF.

Marco Swizzero (left) from Vimby and Jackson Ratima (right) from San Francisco.

Stefan from TransparentBmx.

Wish I had a hold of this flier beforehand to put on blast. It was one dope ass event.

Riding spot to spot, BBQ and Free Give Aways... sick. I can't wait for the next one.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

IS Shirt Release

Invisibles and Bars
Release date: Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

Come party with us.

Free drinks......if you can find someone to buy em for you.
Get Live and Invisible Stripes presents "Diamonds Are Forever".
Where: Duplex
When: April 25th, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Manik Ghostface

We got another shipment of Manik's Ghostface tee.
This time around we ordered it on a white tee.
Check it out here.

Boxfresh Spring '08

These shipments seem to never end...

Today we got a new shipment from Boxfresh. This label is based out in Britain, the land that spawned the beautiful Leona Lewis. This Spring shipment consist of light weight sweaters, cardigans and a dress for the ladies. Check it out here.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ghetto Rock Spring '08

Today we welcome Ghetto Rock clothing into our store. This is our very first shipment from them of their spring '08 line.

Here's a little excerpt about them from their website:
Ghetto Rock represents a combination of different lifestyles: "Ghetto" represents the streets & city life we grew up in. "Rock" represents the the rebellious, wild side that is in us all. Whether you support Ghetto Rock because you love the style, appreciate the artwork, your favorite skateboarder or emcee wears it, or you just really digg the designs. We'll keep dishing out fresh clothes."

Check out their shipment here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hellz Bellz Spring 08

Today we got the new Spring shipment from Hellz Bellz.

check them out here.

Reason Spring '08

We got the new spring shipment from Reason. The tees we have this time are Dust La Roc For Reason and a black v-neck & white v-neck with the a script logo graphic. These tees feature designs by Dust La Rock, a very talented graphic designer based out in Brooklyn.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

ISR on everybody.

I just got all my parts in. Its been 3 years since I last rode. My bike was stolen by some dope feen, when I took it into Walgreens . I invested about $1200 on my last setup. It sucked waiting on each part to come in one by one. Took months before I was able to even ride it because I was too broke to order all the parts at once. Well, this setup is real similar to what I used to have, beside the flatland frame. And this time I was able to dump everything on a credit card.

One of our riders, Tarek was kind enough to throw my bike together. He works at a local bike shop so he does this on the regular.

Black Chrome Rims.
We ran into a few problems. I'm an idiot for not checking. I automatically assumed the rear drop outs were 14mm. But was actually 3/8 and I ordered a rear hub that had a 14mm axle. Fortunately Tarek had the tools to grind down the drop outs.

I don't know why but Tareks got every freaking tool you could need. He could start his own repair shop out of his garage.
Throwing the brakes on.

All done.

Thanks T.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


BMX Spots and Trafficking
Release date: Saturday, April 12th, 2008

ISR on everybody...

FUJI x OBEY Fixed Gear Bike

We got one of the few remaining bikes from the Fuji x Obey collab. size 52. Available for purchase at Invisible Stripes. Call (415) 333-3415 for details.11-7pm PST.

Here's a little excerpt from the press release kit that came with the bike:

"In 1899 FUJI bike brand was born. In 1930 FUJI established the "Tour de Japan" which remains the premier race in Asia. In 1948 FUJI was present for the first Keirin races in Japan. Today FUJI has winning riders in Keirin, Olympic and World Road disciplines. Exactly 90 years after the birth of FUJI the OBEY campaign was launched. In 2007 Fuji and OBEY have come together to deliver a fixed gear bike that speaks of Fuji's history and timeless aesthetic while blending in the design element of OBEY. Mixing components of new and vintage makeup creates what we feel is a modern classic. From the lugged steel frame and Brooks saddle to the Miche crankset and OBEY graphics, every element has been carefully selected to reflect both Fuji and OBEY."

Bike Specifications:
Size: 52
Color: Matte Black with graphics by OBEY
Main frame: Fuji Elios 2 custom butted Cro-Moly Round Tubes joined by Traditional Lugs, No water bottle mounts, No bosses
Rear triangle: Fuji Elios 2 custom tapered Cro-Moly with Traditional Lugs and track dropout, bridge drilled for rear brake
Fork: Fuji 1" Cro-Moly w/ Lugged Crown, Curved blades with round profile, drilled for front brake
Crankset: Custom Miche Primato, 48T
Bottom bracket: Miche
Pedals: Wellgo Track pedals w/ custom gold anodized cage, steel toe clip & Leather Double Toe Strap
Cassette: 18T Fixed Track Cog
Chain: KMC Z410, gold
Wheelset: Formula Hubs w/ Alex Crostini Rims & black stainless spokes w/ gold nipples
Tires: Continental UltraSport 700x23c
Tubes: Kenda presta tubes
Headset: First Gold Anodized threaded
Handlebar: Custom Fuji Gold Anodized quill style stem
Saddle: Brooks Swift Leather w/ Cro-Moly rails
Seat Post: custom Fuji gold anodized

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

MAMA Spring '08

Two tees came in from MAMA today.

The Necklace tee has an Egyptian style necklace graphic in gold foil with the word "MAMA" blended in the artwork. See if you can spot it for yourself.

Shadow Conspiracy

Welcome our newest label Shadow Conspiracy to Invisible Stripes. This is a BMX based clothing label headquartered in Florida. The Youre Next tee has red photochromatic ink that spells out "you're next" as soon as you step out into the sunlight. The By The Cat tee has a graphic of the two main characters from an indie film called Gummo, a film that was directed by the screen writter for KIDS.

Check out Shadow Conspiracy here.