Saturday, April 5, 2008

ISR on everybody.

I just got all my parts in. Its been 3 years since I last rode. My bike was stolen by some dope feen, when I took it into Walgreens . I invested about $1200 on my last setup. It sucked waiting on each part to come in one by one. Took months before I was able to even ride it because I was too broke to order all the parts at once. Well, this setup is real similar to what I used to have, beside the flatland frame. And this time I was able to dump everything on a credit card.

One of our riders, Tarek was kind enough to throw my bike together. He works at a local bike shop so he does this on the regular.

Black Chrome Rims.
We ran into a few problems. I'm an idiot for not checking. I automatically assumed the rear drop outs were 14mm. But was actually 3/8 and I ordered a rear hub that had a 14mm axle. Fortunately Tarek had the tools to grind down the drop outs.

I don't know why but Tareks got every freaking tool you could need. He could start his own repair shop out of his garage.
Throwing the brakes on.

All done.

Thanks T.

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