Monday, December 22, 2008

Ugly Sweater Party

I know you all will be spent after Chrismas and what better way to boost up your morale then to drink all your problems away. Come join us at Milk Bar this Friday for a grand ol' time.

Don't forget to wear an ugly sweater for free entrance.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


For the Holidays we will be having a sample sale @ Invisible Stripes this Saturday

Here is a list of who is going to be here:

Obey - Men's size Medium Only & Women's size Small Only

Insight - Men's size Medium Only & Women's size Medium Only

Altamont - Men's size Large Only

Es - Men's size Large Only & Men's Shoes size 9 Only

Emerica - Men's size Large Only & Men's Shoes size 9 Only

Homeroom - Men's sizes S - XXL & Women's sizes S - L

Private Stock

Come celebrate our boy's James birthday bash @ 330 Ritch this Saturday. I guess we have to go there too but he probably won't remember anything from that night. So let's all get down with the get down!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Invisible Stripes x Official

Scheduled to Release December 13th, 2008, Saturday

Limited to 100 Snap Backs and 50 Button Ups

A Billion Adjustments

We've teamed up to release a limited run snap back hat that subversively comments on many different social issues all relating to frivolous, questionable spending of the hard earned dollar and socio-economic issues we face today.

This limited run production drops soon exclusively at:

Invisible Stripes
1800 San Jose Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94112


Official's Online Store


The United States Military budget was US$439.3 billion for 2007.

The Iraq war has cost Americans over $500 billion.

In the past decade the federal government has spent over $1 billion dollars to promote abstinence to US teens.

Chevron's annual profit for 2007 was $18.7 billion.

Nearly $9 billion of money spent on Iraqi reconstruction is unaccounted for because of inefficiencies and bad management.

Almost half the world, over three billion people live on less than $2.50
a day.

Friday, December 5, 2008

R.I.P Triop

So for about a month we grew our Triop more than 2 inches long. The craziest thing was when you by the kit you get hella eggs and from the eggs we got 8 triops and 6 sea monkeys. In two weeks there was one triop that was a beast and everyday we would be missing a triop and we figured out that the beast was eating everyone. So by the third week he was all alone and the water was just nasty. So we finally decided to change his water and that wasn't a good idea within an hour he was upside down...done. Sucks cause we actually like his ugly ass but oh well.

Check him out...ugly - right???

Experiment is done and lets move on to bigger and better things...stay live!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

1st Place

Congrats to Leon for winning the custom painted Dunny by Gem.

You are looking at the long awaited grand prize. I wanted to appologize to Leon because he had to come back 3 times for his prize. I even tried to persaude him take a Skull Candy MP3 watch instead but he really wanted the Dunny - I don't blame him I would have waited too. It took a little over a week to complete and at one point the head popped off and rolled all over our new floors.

It was hard work but somebody had to do it, thanks Gem.

Should we have another raffle for custom Dunny #2? Gem what do you think?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Come join us this Friday at Milk Bar on Haight. If you missed the last GetLive get together then here is your chance to make it up. Even though there's not a dress code, don't forget to dress to impress.

Always cool vibes and good music.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I just got this Penfield Mackinaw jacket in black, and I'm super stoked that we carry this in our store. I live in the outer sunset and it's usually foggy and cold in that side of town. Well, anyways it sucks going to downtown and its sunny, and your wearing a thick bubble winter jacket. Not with this jacket its thin,lightweight (thermore insulation) and warm, looks good in any wide range of weather condition.