Monday, May 12, 2008

Boiling Crab

After a long day of sourcing fabric and handling production we headed to Boiling Crab for a big ass feast.
Boiling Crab is located in some city in So Cal, not sure if it was Santa Ana, Irvine or whatever. But it was one of the big things on our to do list for our trip down to L.A.
I've only been here twice and every time I went it was mad packed with people. A bunch of flat panel tvs playing sports, good food, good music, and great service.
6 raw oysters to start off.
3 pounds of craw fish, 2 pounds of king crab, 2 pounds of shrimp, 12 sausages, and 3 corn on the cob.
This place is dope. You sit down, they roll a fat ass wax paper over the table, no plates, no bowls, not any utensils, they give you a fat paper towel roll on your table and a bib.

Before and after pics of this massacre. Don't get it twisted, this meal was for three of us. I'm the one taking the pictures.

It cost us $82.07

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Wussup folx, this is was cool meeting you guys at the state builing in Sacramento. Y'all still have to let me do an interview for
West-Coast.TV. Just have to put a couple more things in place. Anyway good luck with Invisible Stripes and I'll catch y'all around the town.

Now thats feasting like a king!!!!