Wednesday, May 21, 2008


If you don't know what you're gonna be doing Sunday, June 1st.DUNKXCHANGE... be there. If you do know where you're gonna be June 1st... fuck that, still be there.

Invisible Stripes will be raffling a pair of our very first denim. size 32. Out of the LIMITED 50 pairs produced, one pair will be held aside to be raffled off at this event.

Buyers will receive a raffle ticket for every purchase of $20, only at the Blue Table. But raffles will be available to purchase for $2.00 at all Invisible Stripes' tables.

All other Invisible Stripes tables including the Blue table will also be offering a separate raffle. For any purchase a ticket will be given... We will be raffling T-shirts that come with carabiners. Those raffle tickets can also be purchased for $1.00. The raffle for 2 shirts w/ carabiners per table and 1 pair of denim will be announced at 5:30PM.

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