Friday, February 13, 2009

Botchok sacrifice :(

While babysitting my favorite little rugrats, they introduced me to...

..aka wax pipe cleaners. They're pretty sick. I got suuuuper into it and made a kitty, a spongebob, a turtle, and a snake. They woulda made the front of the Bendaroos box for sure, or like won Bendaroo contests and stuff, but they got undone/smushed/eaten.. jk not eaten.

So since I live, breathe, and eat I.S., I decided to make a Botchok Bendaroo. See the resemblance? Yeeeaaahh, I'm da bomb.

The second I brought mini-Botchok to the shop, Chris wanted to light him on fiyah. I said "No!", but eventually gave in. Here is Botchok on his way to his fiery demise.

Chris making a little wick type of deal to turn into a Botchok candle, aka a Botchandle.

Botchok is a fighter, so Chris had to add mo' matches.

Botchok: can't stop, won't stop...

So you know how Chinese people light stuff on fire as an offering for good luck and stuff. Yeah, that's what we did. Bye mini-Botchandle. Haaaaaaay 2009.. woop woop!!


Mike V said...

i knew it was you, kat from "suuuuuuper" haha... you write exactly the way you talk its crazy

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, why is my little cousin devon in this section?! ahaha.