Sunday, February 1, 2009

100 Things to Try Before You Die (..foodwise)

So yesterday after work, we were so hungry that our brains couldn't think of where to eat. All we knew was that we wanted to try something new. Starving while trying to think is just physically impossible.

San Francisco's 7x7 magazine has compiled a list of SF's 100 most yummiest dishes. For the next 100 meals, I will have an answer to the 'Well.. where should we eat then?' question. Check it out, it's pretty interesting, like I knew that San Tung's dried fried chicken is freakin hella delicious, but I didn't know that SF agreed with me. Any dishes you guys totally support being on the list? Any dishes that SHOULD be on the list? Any that shouldn't?

..Ok boys, I just hooked ya'll up with 100 more ways to wow your girl... get on it!

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