Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Pain

For Halloween I wanted to be T-Pain. I thought I'd try and be a little more creative than being just another duplicate on Halloween night.
O.G. T-Pain

Current T-Pain
Hat from $84 plus $68 overnight shipping. Top Hat $152
I couldn't find a dreadlock wig that looked real enough so I bought a normal wig at Party City and dreaded it myself. A total of about 50 dreads, average time it took to make each dread... 15mins. Wig $21After a whole week of back combing and rolling, my hands were beat. But i had a dope looking wig. I bought a can of metallic gold paint at home depot to give the dreads its highlights and the main tarantula dread in front. Spray Paint $2.09
I attempted to buy some Oakley look alike shades for $5 at the liquor store and painted them white but even after it was dry the paint would still rub off onto my face when it got hot so I went to the Sunglass Hut and copped a real pair. Luckily they have a good return policy because these are going right back. Oakley's $1202 Chains, $9 each... pendant $13.50, top and bottom grill $5 each.

After trying on my costume I felt like something was missing. I need something to seal the deal so I hit up my boy Don. I needed a beard and i didn't want to use my hair because straight hair wouldn't look right.

One pack of super glue $3. In debt for a favor to Donald $To be determined...

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cee said...

i love the effort you put into this... it's so creative! but the concept for your beard reminds me of jackass 2 when they made the guy glue pubes to his face!