Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 08

For Halloween we hit up the Cow Palace "Halloween Massive" thrown by Tonic SF.

James Fahselt as Easy-E.
Tom Do as Shaggy. I thought this was a clever last minute get-up. We went to the Spirit store day of Halloween and bought this long full braided wig for $20... took it back to the shop and chopped it. Tom pulled up a picture of shaggy on Google to imitate his do as good as possible. Green shirt from Urban Outfitters and a box of Scooby-Doo fruit snacks from Safeway.
Chris Nguyen as T-Pain
Aye thanks Don for contributing to T-Pain's beard. See das dat good her. :)

I ran into a few Lil Waynes all night but not one T-PAIN!!!!
Another Lil Wayne.
Another Lil Wayne... Gem said he would've been better off going as Michael Jackson. Ha.
This dude looked nothing like Lil Wayne but I thought it was dope because he had the T-Wayne shirt worn in this video.CLICK HERE
T-Pain and T.I. I can't even say costume... this guy has to be the best look a-like for T.I. haha
T-Pain and Juelz Santana
Tell me why this dude got mad when I was like Will I Am? And he goes naw man Andre 3000. I was like uhhh ok.
I ran into by boy Ed. We go way back... first and last dude I ever got arrested with, back when we were 13. I didnt ask him what he was for Halloween... but imma just say Akon. lol
T-Pain and Ghost Busters
I have to say the best theme costume there the whole night.... The O.G. Warriors. These dudes were characters.
T-Pain and the Joker. I like how he picked an actual scene out of the movie instead of going with the given purple suit.
I saw toooooo many Jabbawockeezs there that night. At least 20.
T-Pain and Triple Threat Dance Crew.
So I was searching all night for another T-Pain. All Lil Waynes and no T-Pains. And then I stumbled upon this guy... hmm i thought, top hat, dreads,... who else can he be. As i walk closer he was dancing with his chick. She stops me and was like omg let me get a picture of you guys... The whole time she was balling, cracking up, laughing sooo hard. I then realized she was laughing at her boyfriends whack attempt. I was embarrassed for the guy and didn't even want to ask. As you can see from the photo above... this guys no T-Pain... guy looks like he's In-Pain.
So I continue cruising the party to find another guy with a top hat and long hair. i study him for a minute then realize its my homie Jewlz.
Me: Jewlz!!!
Jewlz: huh?
Jewlz: Chris?! How you recognize me?
Me: How i recognize you?! Blood!, how the hell you recognize me?!
(both slap hands and start laughing)
Jewlz: Dude its funny how we both all disguised and we both recognize each other
Me: Aye!!! Wtf are you suppose to be?!
Jewlz: Who am I? I'm me!!!
Jewlz: Who are you?!
Me: I'm T-Pain fool!
(both slap hands again)
Both:Aite then man
T-Pain and Farva from Super Troopers.
If T-Pain is Asian... why can't Jesus be.

Ok now... Time For DE RANDOM BEEZYS
I don't know what her costume was.
This girl got lost on her way to prom.Massage parlor girl and Pocahontas chick. jk
As the guy was getting situated to take our photo the referee girl kept inching her rear back to me. :(Yisss.
Angels wear p.j.'s....hmmm k.
I don't know where but this is a familiar face.Ouch... The only one there that night that put the Pain on T-Pain. I've officially been Chopped n Skrewed. <------Cleeeck it. On the way to Denny's I saw a guy with the most interesting costume... Disco Floor. I told him it would've been dope if it lit up. Then he looked at me strange. So how did it feel like being T-Pain for one night? It was the shit. I took his image and broke it down to a science. I spent the previous day of Halloween studying his music videos on youtube trying to get all his phrases and lyrics down for impressions. From physical to being in character i think I pulled it off pretty well. Aside from 3 different girls that night screaming out "Lil Jon!!!" It was dope. So thanks to everyone who gave me props asked for a picture and appreciated the costume. I look forward to next Halloween. aahh-haaah!


Anonymous said...

yo! I think that's a rubik's cube.

Anonymous said...

i know it is...

chris n.

Bamboo said...

Best Asian T-Pain ever.

Anonymous said...

wow, you did it. ridiculously well.