Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Shape of INVS to Come

Today, Beans & Croydon helped us shoot our new leather jacket and Oxford button-down. This is something we are very excited about as it is not a new beginning for INVS but somewhere we always wanted to be. What we are trying to do with our mens line is not "reinvent classics," as a lot of brands/designers say. We do not seek to reinvent the wheel, we merely want to provide high quality garments at an affordable price. We are making mens staple items and we are confident that they will stay in your closet and you will enjoy them for many years to come.

Please enjoy these previews while we get ready for the official press release! The leather jacket releases next Saturday, Dec. 19 @ INVS 627 Post Street and to our Online Store.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the neighborhood....looking forward to shopping soon.

Invisible Stripes said...

Thank you, we love the neighborhood and our neighbors!

It has been a blessing to have moved into the Tendernob.