Tuesday, June 16, 2009

American Apparel: Everyday Sexy

In American Apparel's advertisements they have been known to use a lot of images some people may find provacative. Girls posing in sexual positions, wearing see-through tops exposing there breast. Even when modeling something essential as socks the photos look like soft-core pornograghy. They are also known for the type of models they use in these ads: I would say, your everyday average girl, not the usual hot ring-side girl or runway model, you would see in most clothing ads, but the slightly attractive women you'd see walking down the street. Turning them into dirty, hot, sweaty, sexual.... ok you get the point.

I came across this funny spoof of Dov Charney (founder and CEO of APP), while trying to research why one of my favorite picks in the market, APP stock has been tanking. Enjoy.

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