Saturday, July 12, 2008

Invisible Stripes X Supreme Soul

This shirt was a collaborative effort of CJ(Pharside), George(Ge.Nius), and Invisible Stripes. "KNOW YOUR RANK", a phrase often used by Pharside when putting his subordinates in their place. The idea and concept of the skull being printed underneath the shirt was an idea brought by both Cj and George for a blow up in one of their routines. Originally this shirt was going to be used for the song Touch by Omarion.

Available now Online here


at Invisible Stripes 1800 San Jose Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112. (lifestyle boutique urban/streetwear collective)


RockStar said...

Hey Tom/Chris - How was it last night? I know you can't tell me anything and I'll have to wait til Thursday... :( Anyway, we hope it was a nice birthday for RJ/Nonong. See you guys soon and thanks for everything. I added your link to my blogsite.

Gurg Oden said...

These shirts were sick, as was the performance.

Anonymous said...

yall have other colors to the know your rank shirts right? like white,blue,etc. why can't you buy those colors online?