Saturday, July 12, 2008

Denny's Reunion

Here it is... Exclusive interview with Supreme Soul after "Party Like a Rock Star" performance on ABDC2.

After the show, us and the guys were fortunate to have a moment to chill before MTV's ranglers pulled them back to their hotel. Zack Araiya (Iron Monkey) managed to strike a quick interview with the guys.

Sorry ladies George isssss taken.
Fam Bam... a lot of people missing.

Our neighbor.

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Mystique said...

george is taken?..cooly but what about the guy in the red hoodie nd black hat lol
hi im Tanasia (Penname:Mystique)
imma poet blogger type thingy lol
i saw that you had no comments im new and i dnt really see anyone with any comments..lots of veiws with no comments so i figured i'd take ur comment virginity me a fave and go deflower my blog as well
sry once i start writing i can't stop lol bye : )