Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mister (Mr.)

To all our old and new supporters: When we started the INVS line our goal was to produce garments that we felt every man should have in their closet. As cliche as it sounds we wanted to update classics with a more modern fit and add our own details. We knew the name would change as we wanted to have a name that better fit our mission.

We never liked the idea of "disposable fashion," Uniqlo, H&M, and Zara. We feel that todays consumer deserves quality and lasting style at a fair price. I don't want to say affordable because that is relevant to how much you make. By a fair price we mean that depending on the cost of whatever we are producing we don't mark it up to an unnecessary price.

So the line is OFFICIALLY called Mister, abbreviated as Mr.

The whole concept is that we are making such plain and classic garments that we are going back to a time when YOU the MAN really wore the clothes. We don't want a cool guy image or the image of some guy who dresses "proper" all the time. We just want you to be you, whatever sort of man you may be.

Thanks everybody, here are the Mr.(Basics: Henley). It is part of our (basics) line which will always be available in-store and like everything we're always improving and switching it up.

Retail - $18 OR 2 for $30
Available - Instore or Online


Rude Etiquette said...

Definitley coming by and getting some of these when I get a chance! They look awesome!!!! : )

Anonymous said...

so clean. name change is definitely a respectable move

INVS said...

Thanks for the kind words...we are excited about the name change and happy to finally let everyone know!

hope to see the rude etiquette fam at the shop...hope you guys are doing well with your brand!

kat! said...

Ooh! Comin by later today for sure!!

kidFu said...

praying theyll still be there when i get back

gemvsgem said...

i just go mines, great for summer.