Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Endless Ammo

Our newest brand that we added to the shop is Endless Ammo. The brand was founded in San Francisco and creates an Utilitarian and Adventure gear with a contempary feel. Military inspired functionality and a clean look makes Endless Ammo the perfect gear for that daily grind.

What makes the brands stand out is their patent pending pocket design which is call the "F-Stop" pocket. The F-Stop is made to be silent, fastener free and a secure pocket.

Here is my favorite piece the Long Range Patrol Hoodie which is a waterproof soft shell fleece lined jacket. The shell is treated with Nanoshpere technology by Schoeller.

Endless Ammo: Recon Thermal

Endless Ammo: Duty Polo


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INVS said...

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daBAY said...

endless ammo is quality, love that you guys carry it. great bay area company. support your local designers!