Saturday, May 23, 2009


I have been smoking for a while now but tried to quit several times without any success, NOW IT IS TIME TO KICK THIS BAD HABIT TO THE CURB (or at least cut down A LOT). I heard about the electric cigarette a few days back and picked one up for $55. So what is an e-cigarette??? I can get all technical but I'll just cut to the chase - it's basically a vaporizer or to make it easier a small ass fog machine. It is made up of three parts the battery which is looks like the tobacco section of a cigarette, then the atomizer which is the gold band and the cartridge which holds the flavor.

The positive differences are no harmful ingredients to the body, no ignition needed, no second hand smoke, no stank smell making your breathe and clothing all nasty and you can smoke it just about anywhere.

Anytime I started craving a smoke I just puffed on the e-cig and it made it all good. But for those of you who is a hardcore smoker you can get the cartridges with nicotine so at least you wont get the bad smoke in your lungs. Then you can get all fancy and get different flavor like chocolate, mint, strawberry, orange and so on.

It comes all nice in the durable white cardboard box making it legit.

Inside the box it come with 2 batteries, 6 cartridges, and a power cord you can connect to an outlet or a laptop using the usb. I also got one for my dad because I know he will never quit smoking but at least he can cut down and not have that nasty cough and shit. I wonder what the tobacco company are going to do to stop the sales of this???

Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to try one out.



Anonymous said...

yo yeah I always wanted to try one out but I cant find it anywhere in hawaii. So how did you get yours

Invisible Stripes said...

I got mine through a friend he was selling them so I picked one up and a few cartridges which are $1 each. I can get you one if you wanted to try it out. Just email and I will help you out!!!