Thursday, April 2, 2009

EDIT//!!! [WiiSpray's "virtual graffiti"!]

So this is YrWall.. and they've been around for.. I THINK since 2007. It's the same concept of an interactive graffiti wall.. no gas mask needed, and very legal. The thing about YrWall is that you can rent it for events- their clientele include Oakley, and various clubs and festivals. That's really sick. I'm sure it would make your birthday party the best one in the whole galaxy. Check out YrWall for more info. Thanks ANONYMOUS for linking the video!! :) :)

WiiSpray in motion!!

via Hypebeast & WiiSpray!!

German students Martin Lihs and Frank Matuse began this project in Spring '07 and have created WiiSpray, an awesome hardware & software that allows you to create virtual pieces that can be accessed, added to, collaborated with, retouched, redone, etc etc from any place in the world! And then, like any other Wii game, you can save it! It really takes it to another level. Imagine all the crazy pieces you could create.. with your friends next door, or your friends in France. I think they should get a whole bunch of famous graffiti artists from all over to collabo.. sorta like a modern day "We Are the World".

Or the Japanese version.


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Check this out!

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