Friday, March 6, 2009

"Fresh!", is what I imagine him saying..

Valerie Dimidot has a TV show in France where she gives your house extreme makeovers, turning your shack into a love shack. Well not exactly, but you know what I mean. She has a new line of furniture & etc for kiddies.. A little cheesy, but whatevs, start 'em young! It's nice to see something else other than teddy bears or ducks for decorating a kids room. Even though, I wouldn't object to dinosaurs..
via Fafi.


Anonymous said...

you guys blog about the randomest shit

blogwatchr said...

You guys couldn't take the comment on the dinosaur toy entry? It's all good, I know how you "cookie cutter" peeps are. What's in, what's cool is what you guys are about. Too bad you cant hang with the other brands out there. But good luck anyways, atleast you're doin something. pz.

katceratops! said...

Thanks for following our blog :) We always appreciate all your comments and feedback.