Saturday, September 20, 2008


"14 Foot Truck for one week."

This morning I went online and reserved a 17 foot U-Haul . The rate was $29.95/day plus $1.09/mile. The reservation was for a week so the total would have came to about $226.43 not including the charge for mileage. It really didn't matter because we weren't planning on taking the truck very far. We were just going to use it for storage at the site and the U- Haul spot was only 2.3 miles away.

(This is Marleena, the girl that was helping us.)

When we came in to pick up our truck, she told us the only 17 foot u-haul they had left just broke down. Our only option was to downgrade to the 14 foot which had the rate at $19.95 a day.

She goes "Okay what I can do for you guys is: Take half off the daily rate and not charge you for no miles oooooooorrr I can charge you guys for the miles and no daily rate.

Considering we're only 2.3 miles away.... Of course went with the miles and no daily rate. The trucks gonna sit in one spot all week anyways.

2.3 miles there and back= 4.6miles @ $1.09/mile= $5.01= A phokin steal :)

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