Monday, January 14, 2008


January 13th 7am we fly out. First flight, from SFO to New York.

Take Off!

Alex from Homeroom(left) with Tom and I, in New York,waiting for connecting flight to Barcelona.

Free headphones, earplugs, Toothbrush n paste, hand cream, and a sleep mask.

Take off again!

mmmh airplane food. It was actually pretty good.

Meal included: soft bread roll, wheat crackers, soft cheddar, butter, grilled chicken with sauteed mushrooms and cheese, spinach, pasta, orange juice, spring water, brownie made from oreo cookies, and little salad.

Finally arrived in Barcelona (January 14th 7am)... spent my whole birthday on a plane wu-hoo!. Time to exchange our dough to euros.

Time to go spend all my Euros!!!!!! hmmm. What should I buy?

I <3 Being Chinese Neggah!

Someone tell me what flavor this is...

WTF? Ham flavored Pringles?

Filipinos in a Cup? I know what I´m havin for breakfast tomarrow morning... 100% Filipinos. I always wondered what Filipinos tasted like.


Haha... These are dope. I´mma bring a pack of these back for everyone. So we could all post and chop it up while we munch on some lil Filipinos.

Cool huh? They have Mercedes TAXI cabs.

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