Thursday, October 18, 2007

Artwork in Invisible Stripes

This piece was done by my boy Gizmo from right out here in San Francisco. It was hand painted. He calls it the "Prototype"... his vision of what a soldier would look like. A soldier not of war, but art, on a mission to paint. The reasoning behind calling it prototype was to express, the first, the example, the beginning of a movement.

One of my personal favorites... This piece was done by Doc from San Jose. His cousin told me it was effortless, something he banged out in minutes. Fucking amazing yo. He didn't give me a name for it but I refer to it as the "Hulk".

Majority of the art in Invisible Stripes is for sale. We constantly get new work in every week or so. Stay tuned... New arrivals will be posted.

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